Tea With Strangers – Hosting

Tea With Strangers is an organization across 5 US cities as well as London. The premise is that you show up to a coffee shop with up to 5 other strangers at a given time and spend the next two hours, without electronics, talking about….whatever. It’s an organization that may sound silly or unnecessary, until you try and think back to the last meaningful conversation you had with someone other than a significant other or close personal friend. I know for me it was hard to recall the last time.

We’ve become a society where everyone politely ask “How are you doing?” and the automatic reply is “fine”. Tea With Strangers (TWS) was founded to break down the barriers and let people have healthy debates, express opinions, or ask for advice. We have talked about issues ranging from our favorite dive bars and how we travel, down to how you end friendships and the perils of online dating. People are surprised by how open they become talking to strangers, but we’ve found this is not uncommon. When you don’t have any preconceived notions of the person sitting across the table, and there’s no relationship to be put at risk, everyone is willing to open up.

If this sounds like something you might want to check out, to go our website and see if we have a Tea Time posted in your city. I encourage you to sign up! And like I tell every one of my Tea Times, “If you loved it, try another one. If you hated it, try another one. They’re different every time”.